Header Images

I’ve finally put some of my own images in the header, what do you think? I’m not completely thrilled with them, but this was a good start and experiment with cropping images to this odd size. I least like the flowers image, it looks choppy or something’s off. Holler if you do or don’t like [...]


Autumn, or shall we say fall, used to be my favorite season. I just love the colors!

We don’t get a lot of red leaves in the Chicago area, instead we get lots of yellow, so when I see red…I have to snap it.

Here’s some red and yellow, already on [...]

Dollar Bill Origami

Wow! Origami made with a dollar bill! Received these images in an email from a friend.

Dollar origami camera

Wow! Won Park origami. Too cool. Now, if only the camera actually worked and took fantastic pictures for only a dollar.

Here’s more:

Dollar Origami fish

There are videos demonstrating how to make some of these figures. Here’s another…a [...]

I Need to Cough

It’s in my chest…a big cough, followed by another cough…and they are desperate to get out. But there the coughs will stay, choking me and tickling me and teasing me, basically tormenting me. Thank you Reggie. Shankopotamus.

He may be a shankopotamus, but he’s adorable. I know the picture is blurry, but I like it anyway…it’s so [...]

Reggie…Down Again

I was on the phone about 5:00 today when I glanced outside to check on Reggie. He struggled to take a step, paused, struggled to take another step, and then flopped to his belly. I don’t know what he did, but he couldn’t put weight on his front right leg. I checked the leg and [...]

CBS…Wrong Again

A new book is causing a buzz in the U.K., and news is starting to trickle over the pond to the U.S. Sadly, the ever-accurate-ha-ha CBS has messed it up:

According to CBS, this is Elizabeth I…Wrong

Hmm, it seems to me that we’ve discussed this before. The woman in the picture, and the woman the [...]

Spotting a Cold

You know you have a cold when:

a tissue box claims a prime spot on your bed.
you need sleep, but can’t get any.
a St. Bernard keeps offering you his Red Cross flask.
your ears keeping popping, and it sounds suspiciously like Taps.
your throat could be used for a skiing moguls championship, if only it weren’t so dry and [...]


Missyisms is 4 years old today…well, yesterday actually. I started the blog on Sept. 11, 2005 and wrote about Foyle’s War that was airing that evening. I wish I had waited a day; instead, I celebrate a day late. Like the Queen, the official celebration is a just different day than the actual event.

It’s been [...]


Still remembering. Still praying. Still watching planes in the sky. Still thinking of those lost. Still hoping for the families of the lost.

Still know exactly how I found out and what I did that day. Still thankful for the rescuers and our defenders.

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