Still remembering. Still praying. Still watching planes in the sky. Still thinking of those lost. Still hoping for the families of the lost.

Still know exactly how I found out and what I did that day. Still thankful for the rescuers and our defenders.


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2 comments to Still

  • One of those days indelibly imprinted in everyone’s memories…I still get that sick feeling I had that day if I think about it too much, and remember how nervous it heard us hearing planes flying overhead that night. (They were taking off with rescue and relief supplies from a nearby military base.)

    On a happier note, congratulations on your blogging anniversary. :)

    Best wishes,

  • Hi Laura,

    I saw some videos this morning that were taken by people in NYC that morning…I’d never seen these clips before and I started crying again. Another day of infamy!

    Yes, the blogiversary. I think I’ll leave that till tomorrow, like I’ve done most years. (Last year I forgot about it! LOL.)

    Hope you’re well,


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