CBS…Wrong Again

A new book is causing a buzz in the U.K., and news is starting to trickle over the pond to the U.S. Sadly, the ever-accurate-ha-ha CBS has messed it up:

According to CBS, this is Elizabeth I...Wrong

According to CBS, this is Elizabeth I...Wrong

Hmm, it seems to me that we’ve discussed this before. The woman in the picture, and the woman the new book is about (and by, when you think about it) is NOT Queen Elizabeth I as CBS so boldly states…not once, not twice, but three times on one little video snap. No, this woman is the beloved Queen Elizabeth, wife of King George VI and mother of Queen Elizabeth II, but never Queen Elizabeth I*. This woman was lovingly referred to as the Queen Mum, but was never the monarch and never had a number after her name.

Note to CBS: GET A CLUE!!!!

The new book contains letters written by (and received by?) the Queen Mum. It should be an interesting read, but sadly some of the most interesting letters have been destroyed. Yep, a conspiracy by the Queen Mum’s late daughter, Princess Margaret, who destroyed letters the Queen Mum received from “Princess Diana.” Now, those would have been very interesting! I notice there is no word on letters the Queen Mum sent to Diana…are those around and what do they say?

Should be interesting, but again…CBS really needs to work on accuracy. The video can be seen here.

*Queen Elizabeth I died in 1603 and never knew Diana Spencer.

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