Reggie…Down Again

I was on the phone about 5:00 today when I glanced outside to check on Reggie. He struggled to take a step, paused, struggled to take another step, and then flopped to his belly. I don’t know what he did, but he couldn’t put weight on his front right leg. I checked the leg and paw, but couldn’t find anything like a thorn, so I called the vets. They said to start giving him extra doses of prednisone, which will help fight inflammation, but no pain killers because he’s on too many other drugs.

They also said to keep him quiet, but to call them if he isn’t better in 24 hours. For the last 2.5 months, Reggie has played outside all evening; even last night in the rain. If I drag him in the house, he gets upset and scratches and pesters me. To keep him quiet tonight, I took him with me to run errands. This means he stayed curled up in the car seat. Since we’ve been home, I went out in the yard with him, but when we came in he ate and then lay down. I’m not sure if his sleeping now means he’s not feeling well or if the prednisone is knocking him out. His head and the back of his neck feel warm.

Reggie twice hurt a leg several years ago. Both times the vets put him on restricted activity (no going outside unless on his leash…with a person on the other end of the leash) for four weeks. They said he had pulled muscles and were afraid he’d tear the muscles or ligaments or tendons. A Facebook friend has been posting that she just paid $4,000 for her dog’s surgery for torn ligaments and muscles. Ouch! BIG ouch! REALLY big ouch! I don’t think Reggie would survive surgery because of his other problems.

Reggie did, one time, hurt a leg, but improve quickly…without the 4 weeks of inactivity. So there is a chance for a good outcome!

So praying that Reggie gets over this quickly! Praying that he doesn’t re-injury the leg before it completely heals. Praying he stays calm and quiet the next few weeks.

Just when I thought life was going to be calm and productive. Thankful he’s sleeping! Thankful I had the drugs here for him! Thankful I can vent here and then move on…like right now I need to move on to reading the newspaper, washing my face, brushing my teeth, taking out the garbage, etc. ;-)

UPDATE: Reggie’s leg is doing better. Praying it will stay healthy.

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