Dollar Bill Origami

Wow! Origami made with a dollar bill! Received these images in an email from a friend.

Dollar origami camera

Dollar origami camera

Wow! Won Park origami. Too cool. Now, if only the camera actually worked and took fantastic pictures for only a dollar.

Here’s more:


Dollar Origami fish

There are videos demonstrating how to make some of these figures. Here’s another…a little big foot!

Dollar origami monster

Dollar origami monster

Come on, admit it…your fingers are itching to do it! (Send us a pic of your successes!)

2 comments to Dollar Bill Origami

  • cari p

    Origami - awesome. Regmeister - crazy!! Just so you know - I DO peek at your cool site from time to time! cp

  • I know you do, I never questioned that you drop by occasionally. Nice picture you posted on Facebook…who took the picture? You should start a blog to share it. ;-)

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