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I’ve finally put some of my own images in the header, what do you think? I’m not completely thrilled with them, but this was a good start and experiment with cropping images to this odd size. I least like the flowers image, it looks choppy or something’s off. Holler if you do or don’t like them. (To see them all, just click the Refresh button on your browser. There are currently three images.)

Now that I’ve got this template more customized, I think I need to figure out a not-so-stark-white color for the background…agree? Comments welcome, I’m not a color-design person. Or maybe I should just soften the white a smidge, but change the grays to another color combo. Too tired now. Need to stop thinking out loud.

UPDATE: I’ve changed the coloring some of the borders and boxes. I was going to use some blues, but then realized all the header images have green. I haven’t changed the background color, but am tempted except for the impact to the text colors.

2 comments to Header Images

  • I’m not a color-design person either. Having said that, I like the green you’ve got going on. It matches well with part of the leaves I see in the current header image.

  • Yes, I like the green also…didn’t really set out with that in mind, but do like it. I’ve decided on thing really missing from this template is a drop shadow. The whole page is very flat because there are no drop shadows. Maybe I can figure out how to add that. I also need to figure out how to do a backup of my blog!!! Very important!

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