Sunshine Cleaning Revisited

Since my post the other day about the movie, Sunshine Cleaning, a few people have vocalized their shock at my opinion of the movie. Now that a little time has passed and I’m not as tired as I was that night, I decided to revisit the topic.

I still say the movie is depressing. The lives [...]

Sunshine Cleaning

Tonight I gave in and watched the movie Sunshine Cleaning…I needed a little detoxing afterwards.

I have avoided watching the movie because it’s about two sisters who start a bio-hazard removal/crime scene cleaning business. You don’t need an imagination to know that this is one gross job! Accordingly, I avoided the movie, but it was those [...]

Winning Score…Sort Of

I went to Homecoming at my “old” college today. It’s the first time I’ve gone when it wasn’t a reunion year for my class and it’s the first Homecoming football game I’ve attended. I managed to sort of catch the winning play on video…only somebody bumped me as we all jumped up screaming and the [...]

Not to Repeat Myself

My next door neighbor graciously loaned me his really cool 12x pocket digital camera. Yes, he let me “play” with it. I had planned to post some pictures that I took, but it’s been a long night and I’m tired. Pictures to come in the future, I hope. I used my own camera card, so [...]

Emma (2009/10)

As I mentioned before, the BBC ┬áhas filmed another adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma. The new film will be four hours long, at least in the UK, who knows how much will be fall off as it crosses the pond, and begins airing this weekend in the UK. Here’s a BBC video about the production. [...]

Water Blog

I’ve decided to start a new blog. A blog dedicated solely to water. We’ve gone over a year now in the Chicago area with too much moisture and we’re sick of it. Really we’d love to share it, love to pass it on, love to spread the abundance, love to somehow store and save it [...]

One of Those Days

This was just one of those days…nothing really awful, just lots of annoyances. I hope the last annoyance was spilling soup on my favorite chair. I hope it got it cleaned up well enough and won’t have a stain.

The day could have been so much worse, but even so I’m glad it’s almost over. Tomorrow [...]