Winning Score…Sort Of

I went to Homecoming at my “old” college today. It’s the first time I’ve gone when it wasn’t a reunion year for my class and it’s the first Homecoming football game I’ve attended. I managed to sort of catch the winning play on video…only somebody bumped me as we all jumped up screaming and the stands were vibrating from people jumping around. Here’s the sad footage:

It was a cold, dreary day and the wind was tearing through the stadium. I had on two coats, as did many around me, but I noticed that most of the players didn’t even have on long-sleeved shirts under their uniforms. They looked so cold! As I was walking to my car after the game, one of the players ran by us saying, “Excuse me, excuse me! I’m sorry, but I’m so cold!” (The stadium is not by the gym with the locker rooms.) Poor guys! But come on…bundle up!

But the good guys won. ;-)

2 comments to Winning Score…Sort Of

  • I’ve not been back to my college is something like 25 years. I consider it every year, about this time, but I never get around to going. Part of me is concerned that it will have changed so much it depresses me.

    Part of me may just not care to make the 2.5 hour drive.

  • I’ve been to all my college class reunions…certainly helps that they are only about 30 minutes away…I’ve had fun and enjoyed each one. On the other hand, I haven’t bothered with any of my high school reunions. Sad that.

    You should go sometime, you’ll probably have a great time!

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