Sunshine Cleaning

Tonight I gave in and watched the movie Sunshine Cleaning…I needed a little detoxing afterwards.

I have avoided watching the movie because it’s about two sisters who start a bio-hazard removal/crime scene cleaning business. You don’t need an imagination to know that this is one gross job! Accordingly, I avoided the movie, but it was those sisters…or the actors that played the sisters…that kept tempting me to pull on some goggles and watch the movie. I wish I hadn’t.

While Amy Adams and Emily Blunt are both great actresses, not only was the topic of the movie gross, but the three main characters are all depressing and they make bad decisions. Eventually some of the characters make some good decisions and start to turn around their lives, but this is a movie and a disaster with a partial recovery is required before The End scrolls across the screen.

It’s not an awful movie and the performances are good, but watching such a downer is difficult.

UPDATE: Based on in-person feedback I received about this short review, I posted a more detailed review here.

2 comments to Sunshine Cleaning

  • Based on your response to the movie, I think I’ll skip it despite loving the actresses! :)

    Thanks for the review.

    Best wishes,

  • I’ve posted a second review based on in-person feedback I received to the first post. The performances were great, as usual from Adams and Blunt, but the topic…ick.


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