Jackson Pollock or Colorized-Etch-a-Sketch

Kazza inspired me for today’s post. My camera is focused on the lights on my Christmas tree.


The above image was created by wrapping the camera in it’s cord. When I let go of the camera it spun to the end of the cord and then bounced. (It’s a short, wrist-cord so not long enough that the drop could damage the camera.)


I had the camera on a hand-held tripod and then spun the camera to tighten it to the tripod. I must have jerked my hand a bit creating the “boxes.”


Here I simply flipped and spun the camera through the air. I caught it before it got anywhere near the ground.

No cameras were hurt in the productions of these images. ;-) There are more at my Flickr account.

(Sadly I recently dropped my camera on the garage floor and jarred the eye-view finder loose. This was not done while attempting a picture, it just fell out of my hand and splat. Bother!!!! It probably costs as much to fix it as to get a new camera. Right now the camera is “repaired” with tape.)

5 comments to Jackson Pollock or Colorized-Etch-a-Sketch

  • Glad you like! We both need to create some more! ;-)

  • Sorry to hear about the camera mishap.

    I once called to get a camera repaired — the repair cost was $6.00 less than buying new.

  • FWIW … IE8 couldn’t post a comments. I kept getting “Invalid Data: Please go back and try again.”

    Yes … I know … I should be using FireFox all the time anyway. I’ve recently done and OS reinstall and am not yet up to speed.

  • Gee Delmer, you’re just a beacon of good news today! LOL! Just kidding! Thanks for letting me know. As for the camera, it still works and I’m busy with Christmas and year-end stuff, so I’ve made no effort to get a repair estimate. I’d rather get a new camera. Actually, I’d rather have this camera in perfect order AND get a new camera.

    As for IE8…I wonder if the old version of WordPress I’m using is the issue. I have WP 2.7.1 and I see that they’ve jumped to 2.9 in the past week or so. Now that my web host has updated their servers, I might try one of the 2.8 versions. You’re using WP aren’t you? What version do you have?

    Thanks again for letting me know!

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