Emma 2009/10

Tonight I finally got around to watching part one of the new adaptation of the Emma that is airing on PBS. After the disastrous Austen adaptations we were subjected to in early 2008, my expectations for this adaptation were very low. But one of the advantages of low expectations, is that it’s easier to enjoy [...]


No, I’m not really afraid of sushi. Thanks for checking!

Humdinger Dinger

A few updates.

My car still seems ok, but I haven’t driven it much.
Reggie is still struggling, but each time I think I’ll get him to the vet’s something comes up (like sewage).
My family member that was having the horrible pain…has shingles. New medications are helping her and we’re praying she’ll only have short-term pain. Sometimes [...]


The temperature has been well below freezing for a week and is forecast to get worse this weekend. A temperature above freezing is not soon to come…they predict. Today the snow fell and fell and fell. Tonight the snow is falling faster.

My car has been in and out of the shop the past 10 days. [...]