Humdinger Dinger

A few updates.

  • My car still seems ok, but I haven’t driven it much.
  • Reggie is still struggling, but each time I think I’ll get him to the vet’s something comes up (like sewage).
  • My family member that was having the horrible pain…has shingles. New medications are helping her and we’re praying she’ll only have short-term pain. Sometimes pain from shingles lasts up to a year! Ick. I wonder if shingles is proportionate to chickenpox…i.e., since I had a horrible case of chickenpox and ended up in the ER with possible Reye’s Syndrome, does that mean if I get shingles it will also be a horrible case? Did you know that even though shingles is very contagious, you can’t catch shingles from another person? Instead, you can get chickenpox, if you haven’t already had it, from a person with shingles.

Just about 24 hours ago I discovered that I had water and sewage all over the floor of my utility room and part of the downstairs bathroom. I was up cleaning for hours and couldn’t even attempt sanitizing. I had so little sleep last night that even though I accidentally napped for about two hours late this afternoon, I am wiped out. Completely zonkered! More about the plumbing problem another time. I’m still working on sanitizing everything, but at least I can run water again!

Last Sunday I went to the family memorial and visitation for S.S. I’ll share about that soon too, but can’t do it justice now.

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