Last Sunday my computer was invaded by the Vundo Trojan Horse. This is a nasty, nasty thing and it burrows into your computer. I have been running scans all week to make sure it was killed off. I employed MalwareBytes, Kaspersky, and the tools available at According to all these programs, Vundo is finally gone.

I was using Trend Micro as my primary Internet security program…never again. It was up to date and running as it was supposed to be. However, it let the nasty Vundo infiltrate and then the next morning told me me my computer was infected. How stupid and poorly designed is that! Vundo had already disabled the manual/free version of MalwareBytes I run frequently and was entrenching itself in my computer. I uninstalled both Trend Micro and what was left of MalwareBytes, then installed a trial version of Kaspersky and a new copy of MalwareBytes. But they weren’t able to completely kill off Vundo without additional help.

All the software I’ve run now says my computer is malware-free, but I’m suspicious. All last week the computer would occasionally make a “puh donk” sound, but give no explanation. I haven’t heard that since Friday, so that is a good sign.

Luckily my laptop was never infected…however, I still ran multiple scans on it also. And none of my files on the desktop were damaged or deleted that I can tell.

I think the virus either came from the New York Times or my library…those are the only two things I remember doing Sunday evening and the computer had been completely scanned less than 12 hours before that. I am strongly leaning toward getting a Mac desktop when I buy another computer. The risk is much lower.

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