Hospitals and Earthquakes


I was up most of last night with a very sick Reggie. I finally got him to settle down by curling up with him on the couch…where we kind of-sort of really didn’t sleep. This morning he seemed a little better and the vet’s gave me some medication for him, but by mid-afternoon he was really sick and we went to the vets then to the animal hospital. Reggie is vomiting, has a high fever that went up almost one degree in two hours, is very weak (as in struggling to stand and walk), and much of his blood work is all out of whack again. Reggie has been sick since last Friday, but was getting better. At 6:15 last night he ate a good amount of food…two hours later he just flew downhill. It might be one of his existing problems really flaring up, but it might be something new like cancer, hepatitis or …. He’s spending the night at the hospital on an I.V., having tests and an ultra-sound tomorrow morning at 9:00. He’s 12.5+ years old; I don’t know how much of this his body can take.

In other news, as Reggie and I were dosing on the sofa, another earthquake rocked us. It felt like something hit the house. It was really odd…in the other recent earthquakes it didn’t feel like something had hit the house. And I’ve heard several other people describe today’s 4:00 A.M. earthquake the same way…as feeling and sounding like their home or something nearby had been hit, and hit hard. The April 18, 2008 earthquake felt like I was on a rocking boat. That April 2008 quake was stronger, but further away. This morning’s quake registered 3.8 and was less than 30 miles from my home. Currently, they don’t know why an earthquake would have originated from this location…odd. Is it just me or are we having too many “more than a wiggle” earthquakes in the Chicago area?

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