Reginald MacGuffin, I Miss You

I’m at a loss for words. Last Thursday evening Reggie’s health had deteriorated so much and there was so many health problems and he was so miserable, that I had to make the awful decision, but I think the best for him, to have him put to sleep. I had intended to write more tonight, but it’s hard. I have never cried so much in life as I did last Thursday and Friday. For days afterward, I couldn’t talk about it and I still need to call or email several people to let them know.

Reggie was a wonderful, sweet dog. I’m blessed he was part of my life for twelve years. I’m going to miss him for a long, long time.

I wanted to post some pictures of Reggie through the years, but I found so many cute ones of him as a puppy, that I’ve decided to just post those tonight. I may drive everyone nuts posting more pictures in the coming days. All the pictures below were scanned from prints.

ReggiePuppyBluePH This is a picture Reggie’s breeder took when he was a wee pup. The original is a faded Polaroid.

ReggiePuppyYawnPH (Still at the breeders.) I love this picture. It shows why I frequently said to Reggie: Big yawn, little dog.

ReggieYear1LostInGrassPH He was so small that first year, the grass was often a challenge for him to conquer.

ReggieYear1RunsFromDustyPH Reggie with his buddy Dustin.

ReggieYear1DavidPH Reggie with David. These two adored each other! Dave would laugh and squeal with delight whenever he was with Reggie. Dave is almost 14 now.

There are more pictures of Reggie on Flickr.

Love you Reggie! And I miss you.

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