The plan, as best laid plans go, didn’t go as planned. My previous post, Reggie at the End, should have been immediately followed by a post called Thank You. Only, as you can see, it wasn’t. For that I’m Sorry.

I’m afraid my Reggie at the End post made some people think that I’m morose, wallowing, lost, mired in despair at the loss of Reggie. I’m not. I really miss my little guy, but I’m not going off the deep end. However, I would love to snuggle him again. ;-)

Right after Reggie at the End I wanted to blog about all the kind and sweet things people have done for me since Reggie died; only life interfered. Today I finally got the last of three sets of taxes mailed…YAY!!! Tomorrow, I need to tend to my messy house, which is crying out to be cleaned. I hope to get back to regular posting, including Thank You, in the near future.

I detest house cleaning. Reggie used to think company was coming if I was cleaning house. He’d keep me company till he lost interest because I was slowly working my way through the clutter. Ugh. Just thinking about cleaning makes me morose. See why I want to snuggle Reggie…it was so much better than house de-cluttering!

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