Foyle’s War Victory March

Finally! Foyle’s War is returning to PBS in May with new episodes! VE Day has been celebrated in Foyle’s world, but war and mystery are not over in these three new episodes!

foyleswar6If you remember, the “brains” at ITV canceled Foyle’s War, but then decided that was a mistake, but then the economy flubbed and the show was canceled again after only three new episodes*. For U.S. viewers that means we last saw Season 5, in which much of the war was skipped overĀ  so the series would “end” on VE Day. Season 6 has three new episodes beginning in the after-effects of VE Day. is listing June 1 as the release date for the corresponding Season 6 DVDs.

Woot, woot…reason to celebrate! Foyle, Sam, Milner and the gang!

*There are rumors on the Internet that if viewing numbers are high, there will be additional episodes. I don’t see anything about that on writer/creator Anthony Horowitz’s website, but it is an incentive to watch and get those numbers as high as possible. This season airs in the U.K. in April, so no viewer numbers are available yet. (The U.S. and U.K. have numbered the series differently. In the U.S. this will be Season 6, but in the U.K. it is Series 7…same episodes, different numbering.)

Note: I am not affiliated in anyway with PBS, ITV, Foyle’s War, or Amazon. This is fan news. Thank you FCC.

2 comments to Foyle’s War Victory March

  • Deb Lehman

    I’m a Foyle’s War fan and have been waiting in anticipation for Season 6. Does anyone know when it airs on PBS? I’ve gone on Anthony Horowitz’s website and found no info. Nada on the Foyle’s War site. It’s frustrating for those of us who love Foyle and the gang.

  • Hi Deb, thanks for stopping by! PBS has Foyle’s War scheduled for May…just a few weeks away. You’ll have to check your local listing for exact times in your area. Stop in again soon! Missy

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