One From Today’s Backyard


Taken through a window screen because they flew off if they saw me and I had to get close with my sad zoom. The fella on the right is a Golden Finch, but I’m not sure about the other. I suspect it’s also a finch, but I don’t know for sure. My mother calls the one on the left a Katie Bird after my red-headed niece. Perhaps a Redpoll?

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  • Nice shot. And an interesting bird feeder.

  • Hi Delmer, the feeder is called a finch sack or finch sock. A friend recommended them to me last year. Unfortunately, I had a Cardinal feeder near them at one point and the squirrels went after that feeder and everything near by. The squirrels ruined each sock, but this one. However, even this one they chewed holes in, which is why there are threads hanging from it. But the seeds stay in it and the finches love it. I have given up on the cardinal feeder because the squirrels wouldn’t leave it alone. And now that the cardinal feeder is gone, the squirrels don’t bother my finch feeders. I do miss seeing the cardinals…need to find a solution to that issue. Thanks, Missy

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