Ducks Amuck

Every spring my neighborhood is inundated with ducks. They waddle around the yards. Take naps. Quack…oh boy do they quack. They almost always travel in twos…Mr. and Mrs. Duck. Occasionally an interloper starts a fight…quack, quack, quack. Every year without fail they come. Eventually the chicks show up too…no comment.

Below is a picture I took of Mr. and Mrs. Duck some 10-15 years ago. I know it’s that old because 1) I had to scan the film picture and 2) I painted my house that long ago and the pale, mustard yellow in the shutter is now soft blue.


But this year things are different. The quacking, waddling, the traveling as a couple, the interloper and of course the quacking, quacking, quacking are all here…but something is different:


I don’t know what’s up…but the ducks are taking to the roofs this year! It’s a bit freaky.

2 comments to Ducks Amuck

  • My parents seem to attract ducks. A few years ago dad rounded the chicks and mom up and drove them a mile to the nearest creek. The next year the mother (we assume it was the same mother) built a nest under the same tree in their yard… despite the fact she knew the nearest creek was almost a mile away.

  • That’s sweet of your parents! I’m afraid we aren’t as helpful to the chicks here…we let Mr. and Mrs. Duck find them water. They usually go for puddles and local ponds till they can all fly away. I haven’t seen any chick in the neighborhood yet this year, but have seen them in other places.

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