No Solicitation

As tends to happen in the warmer weather, the doorbell rings more frequently. And more often than wanted it is a solicitor…any ring from a solicitor is more than is wanted. Reggie used to howl and charge the door when the bell rang. This made solicitors only too happy to leave as quickly as they [...]

A Dog, His Ball, and His Machine?

I think many dogs and their owners would love to have this. I know my brother’s old Border Collie would have been in doggie heaven if he’d had this (and it threw further). My brother would have had to buy the machine in bulk because Scottie would have worn them out!

Oddly enough, I think Reggie [...]

Yay Blackhawks!!!

I’m not an avid fan, but after a 49 year drought we’re all fans! Yay Blackhawks! Stanley Cup winners!

Below is a screencap of the winning goal by Patrick Kane. The puck is the blur at the top, front of the net.

Copyright: NHL. Sale

The website (formerly, if I remember correctly) is in the middle of their twice annual big sale. They are advertising 25% off already reduced prices. I’ve only looked at a few items, but the prices look good. For example, with the additional 25% off, Foyle’s War Set 6 is $25.49 as opposed to [...]