A Dog, His Ball, and His Machine?

I think many dogs and their owners would love to have this. I know my brother’s old Border Collie would have been in doggie heaven if he’d had this (and it threw further). My brother would have had to buy the machine in bulk because Scottie would have worn them out!

Oddly enough, I think Reggie is probably one of the few dogs that might not have liked it. Oh he would have learned how to use it and, like Jerry, he’d know exactly which sound meant the machine was about to throw the ball, but he’d get bored with it.

To Reggie, the fun about playing ball was the people interaction. Whether he was playing Goalless Soccer, Half-Fetch, or Tag, it was the people that mattered. Goalless Soccer was something Reggie would play with anyone that would run around the yard kicking, passing, and stealing the ball. He was faster than most people, so he was good at sneaking between feet and stealing the ball. Then you had to catch him. Half-Fetch involved having a person kick or throw the ball, Reggie would joyfully fetch it, but he’d return with it only to taunt the person. Both games often lead to Tag. Reggie would run around with or without ball, pleased out of his mind that people were reaching out trying to touch him. He’d dart in and tag you with his nose and scamper away again. He loved all three games, but all required people. On the other hand, Scottie, my brother’s Border Collie, also loved people, but when it came to balls and fetch, people were only a means for throwing the ball for him to chase and catch mid-air…I’m sorry Scottie never had this machine.

What about your dog?

(Hat Tip on the video to TL.)

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