No Solicitation

As tends to happen in the warmer weather, the doorbell rings more frequently. And more often than wanted it is a solicitor…any ring from a solicitor is more than is wanted. Reggie used to howl and charge the door when the bell rang. This made solicitors only too happy to leave as quickly as they could, but that is no longer a joy to behold. (Not to be mean, but it was interesting that this little dog could put them off so quickly.)

I was at the local hardware store and took a look at their signage. They only had two signs that said, “No Solicitation.” One was a big, white plastic sign with small black lettering…terrible design. The other was smaller, some sort of pressed, thin metal, but it was radiating red with vibrating gold letters…I suspect the next county could see this sign if I put it on my door. I want something that can be read up close, but not look like a blight on my door.

There was one sign that had possibility. It said: “Please Use Other Door.” Since I don’t have another door, I thought that might annoy the solicitors as much as they annoy me. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will stop them from ringing the bell and it might confuse others.

I’ll keep looking. Any suggestions?

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