Downton Abbey on Netflix Instant Watch

I have thoroughly enjoyed the PBS/ITV production of Downton Abbey. I really need to blog about it, but only have a few moments to share that it is now available via Netflix Instant Watch. Excellent!!! And it is the uncut UK version, not the edited version PBS aired during January. Don’t know if it is for a limited time, so grab it while you can!


Hat Tip: Laura.


2 comments to Downton Abbey on Netflix Instant Watch

  • We’ve had Netflix for a month now. It is super awesome! I’m not so much a watcher of things like Downtown Abbey, but I’m all over Newsradio and SNL Best Ofs.

  • I bet there are members of your family that would like Downton Abbey! You also might like it if you gave it a try. ;-) I like it, the costumes and settings are wonderful, but it occasionally gets too soap opera’ish. I hope they curtail the over-baked-melodrama in season two.

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