Downton Abbey S2: British Media Begin to Report

As mentioned in my previous post, today was media day at Downton Abbey and in addition to the Press Book, the British media now seems to be chiming in.

The Earl, the Heir, and the Interloper (oops, financee). Copyright ITV

The Guardian, which included the picture to the left of the Earl and the Heir in [...]

Downton Abbey S2 Media Book Released

Downton Abbey S2 promo image. Copyright ITV.

Today at Highclere Class, aka Downton Abbey, they held a media day. The members of the press got to meet with the cast and see Season/Series 2 episode 1. Sigh. Ode to have been there.

Currently available on ITV’s website is a copy of the S2 press book. Grab [...]

Downton Abbey S2 Teaser

A partial teaser for Series/Season 2 of Downton Abbey has appeared on YouTube.

I can’t tell if the woman’s voice over in the middle is saying, “but he’s engaged” or “Matthew’s engaged.” Thoughts? Opinions? Definite answers?

And I wish PBS wasn’t making the U.S. wait several months longer than the UK to see the next season!!! (I [...]

Harry Potter and Downton Abbey Dress Off

Hmm, maybe some of her people should have told Emma Watson the dress she chose to wear at the NYC premier of the latest Harry Potter movie has been seen.

In fact it has been seen in the latest edition (August) of the UK Vogue and is all over the Internet.

Vogue celebrated the return of Downton [...]