Downton Abbey S2 Teaser

A partial teaser for Series/Season 2 of Downton Abbey has appeared on YouTube.

I can’t tell if the woman’s voice over in the middle is saying, “but he’s engaged” or “Matthew’s engaged.” Thoughts? Opinions? Definite answers?

And I wish PBS wasn’t making the U.S. wait several months longer than the UK to see the next season!!! (I suspect it’s a budget issue.)

UPDATED: Sorry, ITV yanked the video. Not surprising since it was a partial clip, but why not release a higher quality, longer clip? (Hint, hint.)

7 comments to Downton Abbey S2 Teaser

  • Peggy

    Oh! I thought it was “he’s engaged,” but it could be “Matthew’s engaged” too. And yes, begging PBS to show S2 sooner!!!!

  • Eolivet

    I’m almost positive it’s “Matthew’s engaged” (after listening :mumble: times)

    I really wish PBS would do what BBC America does, and just air it the week afterwards…what’s so difficult about that? :/

  • Bruce

    I think it’s “but, he’s engaged” and is an attempt to make us think one thing is happening, when it really is something else. A red herring!

  • Sue

    I can’t tell which they are saying! It’s just too muffled. Sometimes I think it’s Sybil trying to gently warn Mary what has happened, but other times I just really think it’s someone else saying “but he’s engaged.” Can’t wait!!!

  • I give up deciphering which it is. I originally thought it was a deliberate misdirection, a red herring as Bruce suggests, but I really can’t tell what it is. We should keep in mind that teasers/trailers are often done by studios or 3rd parties, NOT the production company making the show.

    In this digital age, I would think PBS would want a much shorter lag time. So much of S2 will be on the Internet before January of 2012. Plus the discs will be available to purchase from the UK by then (I’m assuming here); many people have region-free DVD players or Blu-Ray players.

  • Lauren

    Matthew is definitely engaged; the press pack for Series 2 just came out, and it confirms what we heard in the trailer (as well as revealing tidbits about some other S2 plotlines, which quite frankly sound amazing). Whether he will stay engaged is anyone’s guess…

  • Hi Lauren, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I agree Matthew’s engaged, but the line could still be about someone else. We know from today’s press releases that there is a wedding…I think William and Daisy…so the line in the teaser could be about William. (See my post about the British media reporting on Downton Abbey, The Sun quotes Dan Stevens as saying there is a wedding.) Thanks again; hope you’ll come again!

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