Downton Abbey S2: British Media Begin to Report

As mentioned in my previous post, today was media day at Downton Abbey and in addition to the Press Book, the British media now seems to be chiming in.


The Earl, the Heir, and the Interloper (oops, financee). Copyright ITV

The Guardian, which included the picture to the left of the Earl and the Heir in their scarlet dress uniforms with the interloper fiancee, states: “The first episode will open not with a witty but icy quip from the peerless Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham, played by Maggie Smith, but with the massive explosion of a shell in the battle of the Somme, where the heir to Downton, Matthew Crawley (played by Dan Stevens), is fighting.” (But we knew that.)

Other tidbits:

  • Lady Sybil may be working as a nurse, but she hasn’t forgotten her past haut ton life, “Sometimes it feels as if all men that I ever danced with are dead.”
  • Five days of the 23-week shoot were shot in a WW1 Western Front replica…I guess we won’t be at the front too much (again, we knew that).
  • The story lines will be darker than S1 and the aristocrats will “dressing down” (again, the few pictures that have leaked revealed that).
  • And preparing for the future, “Julian Fellowes is already storylining scripts for a third series, which will take Downton Abbey into the devil-may-care, swinging 1920s.” (sort of figured that, but nice to know)

Downton Abbey S2 storylines will take place from 1916 to 1918 and a 2-hour Christmas special will be New Year’s Eve 1919.

Note: As I update this post I’ll tweet about it at @Missyisms. Please comment on any news or images you discover.

UPDATE: The Telegraph posted some pictures for our viewing pleasure:

The Earl, the Heir, and the Hair

The Earl, the Heir, and the Hair. Copyright ITV


Here a maid, there a maid. Copyright ITV


Lights, action, camera

Why do I suspect these last two pictures from The Telegraph are of the staff waiting outside to greet the returning heir? Ah, because that would mirror S1 and we’ll get to compare their S1 reactions to Matthew and Isobel to their S2 reactions to Lavinia.


Possible wedding of William and Daisy? William's commanding officer attending?

The Sun is chiming in with their coverage and this shocker of a headline:”THE new series of Downton Abbey will feature a wedding, a funeral, a war and a SEX scene, TV Biz can reveal.” However, there is nothing in the article about who has the alluded sex scene. We’ve already learned today that a maid gets in trouble, I suspect William and Daisy get married (see below), Mary is in a control/domineer relationship (more below), Matthew doesn’t really know his new fiancee, and there’s always (YAWN) Bates and Anna…in other words, they’ve loaded the deck for this, but they do like to tease in their teasers.

The Sun also reports that Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley) said: “There is a wedding - but whether it involves me and Lady Mary or not, you’ll just have to wait and see.” I think this will be Willaim and Daisy. There are hints in the Media Book of a big event between them, but also this grainy image to the right. Everyone stands and looks toward the right as though a bride is entering. (Completely speculating.) I don’t think we’ll see a Mary/Matthew wedding, unless it’s in the Christmas Special.


The bully in disguise? AKA Carlisle. Copyright ITV

Lady Edith, the Sun reveals, will take to driving a car. Hmm, Branson, wherefore art thou? Maybe Edith is driving farming equipment that is purchased to replace the men gone off to war? This would certainly endear her to Sir Anthony Strallan…if he’s still around.

Lastly, on the left is an image of Mary’s new romantic interest. He’s a newspaper mogul, so he might know about Mary and Pamuk and use that to blackmail her into bed or marriage…I hope, if that is attempted, it is foiled. Let’s avoid too much soap opera garbage!!!!

4 comments to Downton Abbey S2: British Media Begin to Report

  • Eolivet

    I swear, I missed half this article — I was too busy staring at the picture. :x Thank you for the summary!!! TOTALLY missed the Christmas special is New Year’s Eve 1919.

    The one thing I thought was odd from the press packet was the idea that DA “could run for 20 years.” I’d prefer three, thanks very much. Everyone will be close to 10 years older by the time we hit the 20s — all the sisters will have to be married (and thus out of the house), which leaves very little opportunity for “drama.” Unless Cora’s going to have another late-in-life pregnancy that they’ll carry to term and age 15 years. ;p

    Didn’t realize we’d see so little of the front…maybe Matthew and Thomas (and William) will be back sooner than we thought… :/

  • Eolivet, I still haven’t read the full Media Book (sheesh, what a day), so interesting about the “could run for 20 years.” The girls will either have to marry and live close to the Abbey or remain spinsters in the Abbey (don’t like that). This might be why they are already cycling new characters in and existing characters out. We’ve already lost Gwen from S1 (maybe she’ll reappear?), but the war could off others. Thanks for sharing!

  • There’s something about men in red uniforms. ;-)

  • Eolivet

    INDEED. ;) Your caption to THAT picture totally cracked me up…very clever!! :) Totally agree with your spec up there — and I have to tip my hat to you: you called a military wedding before anyone else!! :D I also think that explains the reason why Mary’s sitting in the strange chair in the teaser…she’s there as a guest. Either being at a wedding (and seeing Matthew in a wedding) is bringing up feelings or she’s looking on in horror as Daisy has bolted out of the room. :p

    ( :crosses fingers for a couple shared angsty glances and no Lavinina in sight! :p )

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