Downton Abbey S2 Media Book Released

Downton Abbey S2 promo image

Downton Abbey S2 promo image. Copyright ITV.

Today at Highclere Class, aka Downton Abbey, they held a media day. The members of the press got to meet with the cast and see Season/Series 2 episode 1. Sigh. Ode to have been there.

Currently available on ITV’s website is a copy of the S2 press book. Grab it while you can!

What do you think of the picture? What do you think of the storylines mentioned in the press book? Do share!

Updated to add:

  • Current broadcast release dates for Downton Abbey Season/Series 2: UK September 2011, US January 8, 2012. Don’t know any other air dates at this time.
  • UK DVD (region 2) and Blu-Ray discs will be released the week after the series completes. Don’t know if that includes the Christmas special, so that release date for the UK discs will probably be November or more likely December. (A long wait, but still prior to US broadcast date.)
  • A “Making of Dowton Abbey” book will be released in the UK in September and the US in December.

7 comments to Downton Abbey S2 Media Book Released

  • Eolivet

    OK! I’ve only read MD, DS, Zoe Boyle and whoever plays Carlisle (Glenn)? I want to strangle IMDB with my bare hands, since Lavinia is clearly going to be around for most (key word: *most* ) of the season. Which…eh, not worries me exactly, but makes me wonder, because obviously one isn’t going to be jumping from engagement to engagement. Except…that’s kind of the only thing that *can* happen. Unless one jumps from engagement to wedding — like, no engagement at all. Would be an interesting contrast to the prior two (the non-engagement and the long engagement with Lavinia).

    WHAT THE HECK, I’m already at the end of S2, and it hasn’t begun yet! I kinda want to know what exactly Mary is *doing.* Since she’s not really out in society with a war on, and Sybil’s a nurse…how is she occupying her time?

    I really should read the other characters’ bios…I will come back when I’ve done just that. :p

  • Some of my own thoughts after only reading smidgegons of the press book.
    1. I figured they would have other romances for Mary and Matthew, but I still want them to end up together in the end.
    2. Don’t like the idea of control and domineering in the Mary/Carmichael storyline. Get over it!
    3. I suspect Lavinia will be charming and likable, but I still want Matthew with Mary.
    4. Of course Thomas has been on the front lines! Where else would his conniving backfire and land him? I’m sure he’ll still find a way to torture William.
    5. A member of the staff gets herself in trouble…hmm, guess this means one of the recovering soldiers gets a maid pregnant. Soap opera, but probably did happen.
    6. Why did Penelope Wilton (Isobel) get shoved to the back of the image? Smaller role? (Probably want to make sure the sisters stay on every cropped version of this image.)
    7. With the red clouds behind Downton Abbey, it almost looks like the Abbey itself and not just the front lines are on fire.
    8. The picture of the three sisters near the back of the Press Book makes Mary almost matronly. Don’t like that.

    Considering how little of the Press Book I’ve had time to read, I sure am opinionated! More later, I suspect.

  • Eolivet

    A member of the staff gets herself in trouble…hmm, guess this means one of the recovering soldiers gets a maid pregnant.

    Thought the same thing.

    Read all the bios, starting on the interviews. Edith works “on the estate,” (…how?), still NO word as to what Mary is doing except “looking pretty, regretting her decision about Matthew and fielding proposals from media moguls.” Carlisle just seems SO ominous (it actually kind of gives me hope).

    I LOVE the idea of Thomas doing something to himself to get injured or something — SO Thomas! I think the teaser sort of spoiled the idea that William does, in fact, go to war (we see him in soldier’s uniform).

    Lavinia seems closer to “substitute Mary” (at least in the description) than “anti-Mary” — which…not sure how I feel about that. Maybe it was the use of the word “fiercely.”

    I LOVE the idea of Cora and Isobel butting heads — especially given the history with their children. Am hoping Isobel trying to prevent Matthew from making some kind of mistake involving his “sense of honor” is something to do with his engagement (although it would be a little too “shades of Edward Ferrars” ;p )

    If Carson was a modern day character, he’d SO be saying “If the house falls below standards, YOU’RE LETTING THE GERMANS WIN!” :p

    Why did Penelope Wilton (Isobel) get shoved to the back of the image?

    Well, that’s why M/M didn’t line up in S1 — because she was there instead. And there’s kind of…no other place for her, unless she’s on Matthew’s other side, but that starts the “downstairs” portion. Can’t break up the three sisters, so it was sort of inevitable. She has the Sybil slot, LOL!

    The S2 cast picture is GORGEOUS and great point about the abbey looking as if it’s on fire. If S1 was a bright, sunny day, S2 is just before evening. Love it. :) I don’t mind Mary in that last pic of the three sisters, though the one with her, Matthew and Lavinia is…interesting. Hope they release more (supposedly at midnight UK time! :)

    I’m sure I’ll be back once I’ve read all the interviews, hee!

  • Eolivet

    OK, after the interviews…not much else to add, I guess. It’s almost like role-reversal with M/M this year — Mary’s clearly the one pining.

    But it looks like your spec about the military wedding is absolutely right (William and Daisy) — sounds absolutely fascinating, though — like she’s not sure if she loves him or not but (maybe?) marries him anyway?

    Anna and Bates were going to get married and then his wife comes? Dun-dun-DUN! All the romances look ramped up this year.

    I now wonder whether that random soldier guy we keep seeing is the one who Thomas is going to help (they mentioned Thomas maybe opening up or something when he gets sent back to Downton). They wouldn’t do a gay romance, would they? :p

    I really, REALLY hope DS is just playing coy about M/M — then again “playing coy” oftentimes seems like his middle name… :p

  • Eolivet, you’re way ahead of me in reading. Will have to read the whole Media Book when life is a little more calm! Thanks for sharing, I’ll say more later. :-)

  • P.S. Just noticed that Penelope Wilton has been chopped off the cover of the UK DVD…we got that guess right. Poor her!

  • Sue

    Thanks for the link and information. Love the new image and how it plays off S1 so well! Can’t wait to review the press release!

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