Downton Abbey, Mary’s Dress

Since we’re discussing Mary’s dress in the previous post, let’s chat about this one.

The Crawley Sisters. Copyright ITV.

The Crawley Sisters. Copyright ITV.

I think Mary’s dress is the prettiest of the three, but its style is so different than the other two dresses in the picture…and from other pictures we’ve seen for S1 and S2. The waist line and fitted bodice just don’t seem to be the right period. It looks almost late Victorian, not Edwardian progressing into WWI followed by the flappers of post WWI. I said somewhere I think she looks a little matronly here and it’s the older style of the dress. Somebody correct me on this…what year was this dress in fashion for a young woman?

3 comments to Downton Abbey, Mary’s Dress

  • Sue

    I agree! Love Mary’s dress, but think it is more the style of the 1880s-1900. It reminds me of the dress we saw Queen Mary wear. Great blog!

  • Good point about Queen Mary, probably her mother-in-law Queen Alexandra too. It also occurs to me that they are all in black again…significant? (Or partial black as if in partial mourning.)

  • Margaret

    Maybe the waistline on Mary’s is a little lower than it should be but I think that’s it. The skirt area isn’t petticoatedand goes almost straight down.

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