Downton Abbey Soundtrack & Book: Tweeting with the Earl

cd_coverComing soon to the UK, a Downton Abbey soundtrack and book.

First, some comments about the soundtrack. I had very, very brief conversation with the Earl of Grantham himself (Hugh Bonneville) on Twitter about the soundtrack (Note: I have removed one person’s name from the conversation.):

Hugh Bonneville: I absolutely love John Lunn’s score for . S’there. You can now get it on Amazon

missyisms to Is the CD S1, S2 or a compilation of music from both seasons/series?
Hugh Bonneville to oh bloody hell. I dunno. Ask <NameRemovedForPrivacySake>

The soundtrack will be available in the UK on Sept. 19 and is available via at Amazon . I don’t know if this will be available in the U.S., other than by ordering through the UK Amazon website. As noted above, this will mostly be music from the first season/series of Downton Abbey. Two of the new songs are periods songs, and the last vocal number is a new song.

bookcoverThe Downton Abbey book, named THE WORLD OF DOWNTON ABBEY, will be released in the UK on Sept. 15 and in the U.S. on Dec. 6. The book is described as: Downton Abbey has captured the imagination of the nation. Written by Oscar-winning writer Julian Fellowes the show has become the benchmark for quality drama, and a commentary on all things British. Downton Abbey portrays a world of elegance and decadence, a world of duty and obedience and a world of romance and rivalry: this companion book, full of rich historical detail, takes fans deeper into that period than ever before. Step inside one of the most beautiful houses in Britain, past Carson the butler at the front door and into the grand hallway. Catch a glimpse of the family having drinks in the drawing room before dinner, dressed in their evening finery, whilst Lord Grantham finishes writing a letter in his study. Then climb the grand sweeping staircase to the maze of rooms upstairs and peak through Lady Mary’s open door to see Anna, her maid, tidying scent bottles and jewellery on the ornate dressing table. Follow Anna down the servants’ stairs and into the kitchens to watch Mrs Patmore frantically preparing dinner. Mrs Hughes keeps a watchful eye from her study and the world of Downton comes alive before you. Experience the inner workings of the downstairs life and be dazzled by the glamour of upstairs life with profiles of all the major characters, interviews with the actors, behind the scenes insights and in-depth information on costumes and props.

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  • Eolivet

    Awww, that’s so cool that you had a Twitter conversation with Hugh B.! :D That’s so neat he responds to fans (I never expect actors on Twitter to do that — but he seems like such a cool guy! :)

    Did you see the links to the new music on the LJ comm? I’m not feeling it, for some reason (except for the new instrumental piece — that’s beautiful. :) IDK, I don’t think DA should have music with words… ;)

    I’m a little confused about what this book will actually be — unless it’s a pictorial book of Highclere Castle (which is almost what it sounds like!) Though I suppose it’d be cool to have a coffee table book about DA…will have to wait and see if it goes on sale… :D

  • I think some actors reply some of the time; Mr. B. just seems to be especially tuned in. ;-)

    I did listen to the links on LJ comm. Do you know if those are from the actual CD/soundtrack or if they are other recordings of the same songs? (I speak of the two period vocal pieces.) Sometimes new recordings of those older songs can be lovely, even if existing recordings are not. Have you heard the songs Jeremy Northam sings in GOSFORD PARK? I love them, but can’t find many other recordings of Ivor Novella’s songs that I do like. Hmm.

    As for the book, I’m expecting a book with lots of pictures and narrative explaining the filming and writing process, etc. BUT…there’s going to be an audiobook too, that’s odd. I won’t order the book till I know more about it. I don’t want to spend $$$ and then be disappointed. I’m a Scrooge that way. ;-)

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