Steve Jobs

machead2I’m a Mac-Head, what can I say? Truly sorry to hear that Steve Jobs died today. He’s changed the tools we use in our every day lives and touched so many of us with his innovations. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

To the left is an old Mac t-shirt…poor thing is paint splattered…shows how long I’ve been a Mac user. Picture taken with an iPhone with an iPhone app.

I have seven Apple products, including the iPhone that took the picture and the old MacBook Pro I’m typing on right now. I even have an ancient Mac IIci…most of the Apple Store employees have never heard of it or seen it. It still works, but isn’t good for any thing any more.

RIP Steve Jobs and thank you for the tools you brought to our lives.

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011.

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  • I still recall the small article that appeared in The Middletown Journal about Jobs and Woz having built some sort of personal computer… maybe in a garage? It was a long time ago.

    I’ve never owned a Mac, but I’ve taken a couple of Apple computers apart to do upgrades — they are always so tidy and well laid out inside.

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