The O’Haras and the Crawleys

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the similarity between the O’Haras of Gone With the Wind and the Crawleys of Downton Abbey? Here are just a few similarities.

The Families:

Both are wealthy families living on large family estates (or plantation as it is called in Gone With the Wind), have three daughters, but [...]

Downton Abbey Soundtrack & Book: Tweeting with the Earl

Coming soon to the UK, a Downton Abbey soundtrack and book.

First, some comments about the soundtrack. I had very, very brief conversation with the Earl of Grantham himself (Hugh Bonneville) on Twitter about the soundtrack (Note: I have removed one person’s name from the conversation.):

@hughbon Hugh Bonneville: I absolutely love John Lunn’s score [...]

Downton Abbey S2 Media Book Released

Downton Abbey S2 promo image. Copyright ITV.

Today at Highclere Class, aka Downton Abbey, they held a media day. The members of the press got to meet with the cast and see Season/Series 2 episode 1. Sigh. Ode to have been there.

Currently available on ITV’s website is a copy of the S2 press book. Grab [...]

Harry Potter and Downton Abbey Dress Off

Hmm, maybe some of her people should have told Emma Watson the dress she chose to wear at the NYC premier of the latest Harry Potter movie has been seen.

In fact it has been seen in the latest edition (August) of the UK Vogue and is all over the Internet.

Vogue celebrated the return of Downton [...]

The King’s Speech DVD

The King’s Speech is coming to DVD in the U.S. on April 12! Excellent movie! How appropriate that King George is arriving just in time for tax day. LOL.

I’m also currently reading the book of the same name, written by Lionel Logue’s grandson Mark Logue. It is based on Logue’s notes and correspondence with King [...]

The Long Hot Summer And Catching Up

Sunset on Sept. 1, 2010 a few blocks from home.

Like much of the United States, we’ve had a hideously hot and humid summer. I don’t think we ever cracked 100 degrees, but we spent way too many days in the mid-90s or higher. And with it so horribly hot, we’ve needed a lot of [...]

Marvel Comics Sense & Sensibility

Copyright Marvel Comics/Sense & Sensibility

Last year Marvel Comics released Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice in comic book format. This year, they’ve moved on to Austen’s Sense & Sensibility.

They’re using the same writer for the adaptation, but a different artist. I’m so behind in blogging, issues 1 and 2 have already been released and issue [...]

Emma, 2009/10 (Part 2)

I continued to enjoy the latest adaptation of Emma; thank goodness for low expectations! I’d like to watch the un-cut version of the show before really passing judgment, but this adaptation was better than what we were subjected to two years ago.

It’s not perfect, but they did add some touching scenes between Emma and her [...]

Emma 2009/10

Tonight I finally got around to watching part one of the new adaptation of the Emma that is airing on PBS. After the disastrous Austen adaptations we were subjected to in early 2008, my expectations for this adaptation were very low. But one of the advantages of low expectations, is that it’s easier to enjoy [...]

Emma (2009/10)

As I mentioned before, the BBC ┬áhas filmed another adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma. The new film will be four hours long, at least in the UK, who knows how much will be fall off as it crosses the pond, and begins airing this weekend in the UK. Here’s a BBC video about the production. [...]