ST: TNG Meme

OK, if you don’t know what the letters in the title of this blog mean…don’t bother continuing.

Got this meme from E.E. Knight:

"When you read this, post a quote from Star Trek: The Next Generation."

For me this would be Warf dressed as one of Robin Hood’s sidekicks, Will Scarlet, and he says:

"I am [...]

A Meme, A Meme; I’m Finally Doing a Meme!

From Kazza:

DO YOU SNORE? No, but sometimes during the allergy season I make a slight rasping noise in the early morning as the sinuses are ready for a stirring.
ARE YOU A LOVER OR A FIGHTER? Depends on the situation, but maybe others should answer this for me.
WHAT’S YOUR WORST FEAR? Something bad happening to my [...]