Dollar Bill Origami

Wow! Origami made with a dollar bill! Received these images in an email from a friend.

Dollar origami camera

Wow! Won Park origami. Too cool. Now, if only the camera actually worked and took fantastic pictures for only a dollar.

Here’s more:

Dollar Origami fish

There are videos demonstrating how to make some of these figures. Here’s another…a [...]

11:59 P.M.

Well, the day is over, I’m still at my computer and I have nothing to blog about. To top it off, it took a week to figure out a date that worked for three people, and now I find out somebody else scheduled something for the same day and needs me to be there, but [...]

May 7, 2009, 11:23 P.M.

Mark your calendar. I saw my first June bug of the year. There will be many, many more over the next few weeks. I decided to spare you a picture. Thunk, thunk, thunk (that's the sound they make as they smash into and grab onto to any screen near a light). All evening long…thunk, thunk, [...]


Reggie and I went to the vets this morning. Everything is about the same; rbc is 34%. So he's staying on the same dosage of Prednisone, but we'll finish the antibiotics tomorrow morning. I bought a new type of dog food for him today and he's snarfing it down. I don't know if that means [...]

Car Shopping

I went car shopping today for the first time in over 13 years. Sigh, I'm just not ready for this. My parents came as they also need a new car. 

We went to a Toyota dealership and looked at several different models. It seems to me that all of the 2009 Toyotas have gotten bigger and [...]

Tic Tac Melody

Can you entertain a crowd with your Tic Tacs? This guy can:


I've been sick with a cold and have been void of energy lately. I spent Thanksgiving weekend sleeping as much as possible and coughed through the following week. The holiday season is SO not the time to be sick. I'm so behind with everything now. I don't know if I'll get Christmas cards out this [...]

The Day Kennedy Died

On Tuesday my aunt and uncle are arriving for a short visit…a too short a visit as often happens with loved family. I wished they lived closer! 

We’ve had a few visitors lately and it’s been wonderful. Last weekend was Susan and the weekend before that was my friend Karen. Also the weekend before was my [...]


Anyone know how to recycle old batteries from battery backups? It’s an APC and I know they have a trade-in program, but it’s less expensive and faster to buy through I don’t see anything on APC’s site about recycling. I know Radio Shack used to take batteries, but I don’t know if they still [...]

Help Needed

This past Saturday, I was driving on a local highway when my car was attacked by flying ice. The weather was wonderful…maybe a little cold…the visibility was excellent, the roads were dry and that's impressive considering the weather we've been having.

But there was hidden ice. Ice slowly losing its grip, just waiting to take [...]