Steve Jobs

I’m a Mac-Head, what can I say? Truly sorry to hear that Steve Jobs died today. He’s changed the tools we use in our every day lives and touched so many of us with his innovations. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

To the left is an old Mac t-shirt…poor thing is paint splattered…shows [...]

Harry Potter and Downton Abbey Dress Off

Hmm, maybe some of her people should have told Emma Watson the dress she chose to wear at the NYC premier of the latest Harry Potter movie has been seen.

In fact it has been seen in the latest edition (August) of the UK Vogue and is all over the Internet.

Vogue celebrated the return of Downton [...]

Before the Blizzard and Arctic Cold

Reflecting Drips.

Feb. 1-2, 2011 Blizzard and Then Some

Here’s what it looked like at 8:30′ish: Raging Winds and Snows. Then it got worse and I wasn’t going to stick my camera out the door!

And some joy (ha) from the snow. Pictures of the 3rd Worst Storm in Chicago history (aka, my worst blizzard, if I remember correctly). Since we [...]

The Long Hot Summer And Catching Up

Sunset on Sept. 1, 2010 a few blocks from home.

Like much of the United States, we’ve had a hideously hot and humid summer. I don’t think we ever cracked 100 degrees, but we spent way too many days in the mid-90s or higher. And with it so horribly hot, we’ve needed a lot of [...]

In Need

I had water in the utility room the other day, and that was unwanted. Very unwanted.

But we need this:

We need water!!! We need water on grass and in the yards! Everything is parched. As I said to my neighbor tonight, “We need rain to moisten everything, but not to flood anything.” (The image [...]

Swan Lake

One image from the many, many, many, many I took today. (I was on the way to Whole Foods and got distracted!)

I’m not kidding…I took lots of pictures. (As usual, click the image to go to Flickr for a bigger view.)

Ducks Amuck

Every spring my neighborhood is inundated with ducks. They waddle around the yards. Take naps. Quack…oh boy do they quack. They almost always travel in twos…Mr. and Mrs. Duck. Occasionally an interloper starts a fight…quack, quack, quack. Every year without fail they come. Eventually the chicks show up too…no comment.

Below is a picture I took [...]

One From Today’s Backyard

Taken through a window screen because they flew off if they saw me and I had to get close with my sad zoom. The fella on the right is a Golden Finch, but I’m not sure about the other. I suspect it’s also a finch, but I don’t know for sure. My mother [...]

Spring Tulip

I tried to make just a slight modification to a picture using Photoshop…and it looked so wonderful! Then I looked at it using another OS and discovered it was way too dark! Now I’m not happy with either version, but I’m going to bed. (Need to figure out how to calibrate monitor…especially since the problem [...]