I wrote this post three weeks ago, but never got it posted. It’s about the night the sewage backed up into my house. It’s also about a picture of Reggie backing up. Since this happened a few weeks ago, I don’t know why I’m posting it other than posterity for me and Reggie’s picture is [...]


The temperature has been well below freezing for a week and is forecast to get worse this weekend. A temperature above freezing is not soon to come…they predict. Today the snow fell and fell and fell. Tonight the snow is falling faster.

My car has been in and out of the shop the past 10 days. [...]

11:59 P.M.

Well, the day is over, I’m still at my computer and I have nothing to blog about. To top it off, it took a week to figure out a date that worked for three people, and now I find out somebody else scheduled something for the same day and needs me to be there, but [...]

The Sky, It is a Fallin’

Here’s part of what’s been chewing my life lately: a short, but fierce wind-storm at 12:15 A.M. on July 28. Here’s a pictorial recap of the damage it did.

There are two big, long limbs down in the image below. One is lying flat on the ground, the other is still hanging from the tree, but [...]

The Ughs

I decided to rant about all the irritating things of my recent past. I recommend all readers skip this post. It’s mainly here for posterity for me to re-read in the future for stupid reasons. I think everyone else should simply pretend it isn’t here. I could spend more time on the post and make [...]

Little Hotel Soaps

This is one of the funniest things I have ever read. It’s supposedly true, but I’ve never researched it. Whether it’s true or not…it is hysterical. (I should put it in the extended entry, but it deserves front-page attention.)


Those Little Hotel Soaps

Below is some correspondence which actually occurred between a London
hotel’s staff and one [...]

Ugh! Update

So here it is…the update you’ve all been waiting for! Drum roll please…

Armed with the evidence that his Internet connection was dropping every 23 seconds, my father called his DSL provider (AGAIN) Thursday morning. This time he didn’t get somebody half-way around the world with an accent that only somebody else half-way around the world [...]


This has not been the best of evenings. It started at a wake…yes, another family friend has passed away and tonight I attended the wake. My thoughts and prayers are with RS’s widow, son, daughter, in-laws, and grand-children. God bless you all.

After the wake I went over to my parent’s house to once again try [...]

Mother of the Year?

You’ve probably heard by now…seems impossible to miss thanks to the media…that Bradgelina had a baby. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been hiding out in Africa to avoid the media and have the baby there. A few days after the baby’s birth Bradgelina donated $300,000 to Namibia hospitals and $15,000 to local schools (I [...]

It’s a Word, Not a Phrase!

As part of my job I proofread stuff. Now I’m a decent, but not fabulous, proofer. I’m decent because I’m detail-oriented, but not fabulous because I don’t know the rules of grammar as well as I should. I know them pretty well, but not to the level a professional proofreader or copyeditor should. So I’d [...]