Yay Blackhawks!!!

I’m not an avid fan, but after a 49 year drought we’re all fans! Yay Blackhawks! Stanley Cup winners!

Below is a screencap of the winning goal by Patrick Kane. The puck is the blur at the top, front of the net.

Copyright: NHL.

Winning Score…Sort Of

I went to Homecoming at my “old” college today. It’s the first time I’ve gone when it wasn’t a reunion year for my class and it’s the first Homecoming football game I’ve attended. I managed to sort of catch the winning play on video…only somebody bumped me as we all jumped up screaming and the [...]


Somebody showed me how to do some animation in PowerPoint today. I've never done animation in PowerPoint, but I have done it in Keynote. Here's an example (only it doesn't look the greatest on YouTube):

This is part of a bigger project that I haven't had time to finish. It plays too fast on YouTube, but [...]

Tales of Babysitting Horrors™

Speaking of The Candidate reminded me of a story involving one of his little sisters. It was during the dead of winter, back when we had even colder and snowier winters than now; sometime back in the 1970s. At the time I was in junior high and The Candidate’s little sister, we’ll call her The [...]

Cheaters Lose!!!!

Oh yeah!!! Tough luck, cheaters! Giants win 17 to 14!

And the Patriots’ leading cheater didn’t even stay on the field to see the end of the game. Sore loser? Coach Belichick came on to the field with one second left, shook hands with the Giant’s coach and then went to the locker room even [...]

Super Bowl 2008

The Super Bowl starts in less than an hour. I’m not a fan of either team, but I think the New England Patriots are smug, narcissistic cheaters. They’ve been caught and admitted to cheating and they’ve been accused of additional cheating. There were new headlines this morning on the Internet that they cheated by filming [...]

Is This The Year?


Cowboys Crush Bears

The Dallas Cowboys beat up the Chicago Bears last night on national TV and at the Bears’ own stadium. This has upset a lot of people…Bears-fans type of people. Me, my family is from Texas, so I’m rather enjoying the win.

The Dallas Cowboys used to be my team. I watched them whenever they were on [...]

Rain Bowl

After all the rain we had last year and throughout the football season, it seems fitting the Bears would play in a rain soaked Super Bowl…and lose. Da loss. Watching all that rain was just so completely depressing.

And the end result? The overly cocky Bears got drenched. Maybe next year Chicago fans. Or, better, maybe [...]

Countdown Clocked Out

Turns out I wasn’t the only peeved by the imbecilic countdown clock channel 2 posted for the Super Bowl. Lots of people complained and the countdown went bye-bye. Fools; what were they thinking? Silly me…I’m assuming they were thinking!