The O’Haras and the Crawleys

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the similarity between the O’Haras of Gone With the Wind and the Crawleys of Downton Abbey? Here are just a few similarities.

The Families:

Both are wealthy families living on large family estates (or plantation as it is called in Gone With the Wind), have three daughters, but [...]

Downton Abbey Soundtrack & Book: Tweeting with the Earl

Coming soon to the UK, a Downton Abbey soundtrack and book.

First, some comments about the soundtrack. I had very, very brief conversation with the Earl of Grantham himself (Hugh Bonneville) on Twitter about the soundtrack (Note: I have removed one person’s name from the conversation.):

@hughbon Hugh Bonneville: I absolutely love John Lunn’s score [...]

Downton Abbey, Mary’s Dress

Since we’re discussing Mary’s dress in the previous post, let’s chat about this one.

The Crawley Sisters. Copyright ITV.

I think Mary’s dress is the prettiest of the three, but its style is so different than the other two dresses in the picture…and from other pictures we’ve seen for S1 and S2. The waist line and [...]

Even More Downton Abbey — Updated

Most of the media has been trying to avoid many spoilers (but liberal with hints), but TV Guide a spilled few secrets I think. So proceed with caution in this post.

First, they quote Elizabeth McGovern who reveals her character, Cora, Countess of Grantham, does not adapt well to the war at first and takes a [...]

More Downton Abbey Goodness to Ponder

A charming shot of Cora, Countess of Granthem (Elizabeth McGovern). Copyright Daily Mail

There’s been a lot of articles and such posted over the weekend, here’s a recap.

A few items of interest:

The Australian Better Homes and Gardens TV show created this video that includes clips from S1 and behind the scenes filming of S2. Dig [...]

Downton Abbey S2: British Media Begin to Report

As mentioned in my previous post, today was media day at Downton Abbey and in addition to the Press Book, the British media now seems to be chiming in.

The Earl, the Heir, and the Interloper (oops, financee). Copyright ITV

The Guardian, which included the picture to the left of the Earl and the Heir in [...]

Downton Abbey S2 Media Book Released

Downton Abbey S2 promo image. Copyright ITV.

Today at Highclere Class, aka Downton Abbey, they held a media day. The members of the press got to meet with the cast and see Season/Series 2 episode 1. Sigh. Ode to have been there.

Currently available on ITV’s website is a copy of the S2 press book. Grab [...]

Downton Abbey S2 Teaser

A partial teaser for Series/Season 2 of Downton Abbey has appeared on YouTube.

I can’t tell if the woman’s voice over in the middle is saying, “but he’s engaged” or “Matthew’s engaged.” Thoughts? Opinions? Definite answers?

And I wish PBS wasn’t making the U.S. wait several months longer than the UK to see the next season!!! (I [...]

Downton Abbey on Netflix Instant Watch

I have thoroughly enjoyed the PBS/ITV production of Downton Abbey. I really need to blog about it, but only have a few moments to share that it is now available via Netflix Instant Watch. Excellent!!! And it is the uncut UK version, not the edited version PBS aired during January. Don’t know if it is [...]

Important Reminder!

Foyle’s War is on PBS in the US tonight (double check your local listings)! Don’t forget to watch!