Steve Jobs

I’m a Mac-Head, what can I say? Truly sorry to hear that Steve Jobs died today. He’s changed the tools we use in our every day lives and touched so many of us with his innovations. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

To the left is an old Mac t-shirt…poor thing is paint splattered…shows [...]


Last Sunday my computer was invaded by the Vundo Trojan Horse. This is a nasty, nasty thing and it burrows into your computer. I have been running scans all week to make sure it was killed off. I employed MalwareBytes, Kaspersky, and the tools available at According to all these programs, Vundo is finally [...]

Internet Explorer 8 Issues

I’ve been given a heads up that my blog is not accepting comments if visitors are using Internet Explorer 8. I know it happened to one person and it might have happened to another. Once Christmas and year-end settle down, I’ll try to solve this…until then please try another browser. For example, I like Firefox. [...]


Missyisms is 4 years old today…well, yesterday actually. I started the blog on Sept. 11, 2005 and wrote about Foyle’s War that was airing that evening. I wish I had waited a day; instead, I celebrate a day late. Like the Queen, the official celebration is a just different day than the actual event.

It’s been [...]

Comment Issues?

I’m trying another way to block spam. If you have problems posting a legitimate comment (and you know who you are), contact me via email at the address on the About page (upper left corner for link).

The plugin I’m testing now seems to let users post successfully, but if it doesn’t actually block spam I’ll [...]


Well, that didn’t take long. The blog is up and running and the spammers are already swinging. I made a few changes to the settings, but discovered I can’t get one of the main Wordpress plug-in spam blockers from Akismet working. I’m told I have to enter my API key, but when I do that I [...]

Fun Wedding Dance

You’ve probably seen this, but just in case. Sit back and enjoy!

Little Green Lies

I’ve been having an intermittent problem with my MacBook Pro laptop. Intermittent is a very potent word here. defines Intermittent as:

stopping or ceasing for a time; alternately ceasing and beginning again: an intermittent pain.
alternately functioning and not functioning or alternately functioning properly and improperly.

Tech support personnel define Intermittent as:

Yeah, right!
Prove it; if [...]


I spent about an hour and a half "TechComming" with a friend of mine. I say "TechCom" because I don't really know what else to call it.

We started with Skype. I was transmitting with both audio and video, but she didn't have a webcam and was only sending audio. We had a very poor connection, [...]

Writing Tips and Wikipedia Blunders

Here's a post about the Top 100 Creative Writing Blogs…no, Missyisms isn't on the list but that's ok. I've only glanced a few of these, but want to look at more.

And if that isn't your cuppa, how about Wikipedia's Blunders. Number 19 made me laugh (partly because of what it's about, but also because it [...]