Harry Potter and Downton Abbey Dress Off

Hmm, maybe some of her people should have told Emma Watson the dress she chose to wear at the NYC premier of the latest Harry Potter movie has been seen.


In fact it has been seen in the latest edition (August) of the UK Vogue and is all over the Internet.


Vogue celebrated the return of Downton Abbey this fall on UK telly with the three Crawley sisters, played by (l-r) Jessica Brown-Findlay, Laura Carmichael, and Michelle Dockery. The dress Dockery models (far right), is clearly the dress Watson decided to wear in NYC.

So, who looks better, Watson or Dockery? (Personally, I think the dress is a bit clunky/heavy around the waist.) Chime in.

It Really WAS a Fairy Tale Wedding!

In case you haven’t seen this floating around the Internet:


WOW! I wonder if Disney got royalties! (I suspect a little color altering, but brilliantly done.) And why does it appear that Lady Mary Crawley has jumped ahead 100 years in the lower-left image?

And I know I haven’t been blogging much lately, but I have been tweeting if you’d like to follow me there. I’ll get the blogging going again soon. Thanks.

The King’s Speech DVD

kingsspeechdvdThe King’s Speech is coming to DVD in the U.S. on April 12! Excellent movie! How appropriate that King George is arriving just in time for tax day. LOL.

I’m also currently reading the book of the same name, written by Lionel Logue’s grandson Mark Logue. It is based on Logue’s notes and correspondence with King George VI.

Downton Abbey on Netflix Instant Watch

I have thoroughly enjoyed the PBS/ITV production of Downton Abbey. I really need to blog about it, but only have a few moments to share that it is now available via Netflix Instant Watch. Excellent!!! And it is the uncut UK version, not the edited version PBS aired during January. Don’t know if it is for a limited time, so grab it while you can!


Hat Tip: Laura.


Before the Blizzard and Arctic Cold

Reflecting Drips.

Feb. 1-2, 2011 Blizzard and Then Some

Here’s what it looked like at 8:30′ish: Raging Winds and Snows. Then it got worse and I wasn’t going to stick my camera out the door! ;-)

Snow Submarine

And some joy (ha) from the snow. Pictures of the 3rd Worst Storm in Chicago history (aka, my worst blizzard, if I remember correctly). Since we were completely snowed in, these are all pictures from my own neighborhood…mostly my yard.

Now, if they’d just finish plowing the streets….

(Poor little blog…sadly neglected.)

9-11-10 Big Picture Remembrances


Copyright: (REUTERS/Gary Hershorn)

Moving pictures from last week as people around the world remembered the September 11, 2001 terrorists attacks. Also includes some pictures of the rebuilding efforts at the World Trade Center.

Nine Years


Still remembering.


Still praying.


Still unbroken.

The Long Hot Summer And Catching Up


Sunset on Sept. 1, 2010 a few blocks from home.

Like much of the United States, we’ve had a hideously hot and humid summer. I don’t think we ever cracked 100 degrees, but we spent way too many days in the mid-90s or higher. And with it so horribly hot, we’ve needed a lot of rain…instead we’ve had either no rain for weeks and then it rains so hard that there are floods. My front yard looks like shredded wheat. We’ve tried to avoid complaining…let’s face it’s been worse in other parts of the country…but the heat, and the high electric bills, gets to you. I still miss Reggie, but this summer would have been too hard on him. He suffered in the heat last year and this summer was much worse. The mosquitoes have been raging…the Tribune called it “A Banner Year for Mosquitoes.” And with the economy in the dumps, and other things, it has been a depressing summer for many.

I’ve always loved reading, but haven’t done as much in the last few years. So this year I’ve been reading more and listening to several audio books. I’ve read reports that reading stimulates a different part of the brain than watching TV or movies…so I’ve been working on that part of the brain. ;-) If I can get myself motivated, I’ll try to post about what I’ve been reading and maybe get a little project going.

It’s Labor Day Weekend here in the US…happy holidays to each of you.

In Need

I had water in the utility room the other day, and that was unwanted. Very unwanted.

But we need this:


We need water!!! We need water on grass and in the yards! Everything is parched. As I said to my neighbor tonight, “We need rain to moisten everything, but not to flood anything.” (The image above is just under a year old and was taken in my backyard.)